Monday, July 23, 2012

Life as we live it

Fixation. A simple yet complicated word that usually appertains to a powerful obsession or fascination of a particular thing, behavior or vice that leads to addiction. The likes of smoking, gambling, shopping, overeating and sex could emanate from a simple fixation and transform into an addiction.

In today’s world, where something means more than enough, individuals crave for the things that could only give them a certain kind of ecstasy—temporary high. Happiness, for most of us, means stocking on material things and never more than the fa├žade. We yearn for quantity over quality. The more we have of something, the more we feel belonged. For us, to belong means being able to compete with what the others have.

If Sigmund Freud were alive, he would be devastated of how things are in today’s world. The pyramid of psychological needs was discovered, formulated and developed for us to understand that human wants, needs and desires are categorized to achieve inner fulfillment and satisfaction.

Sigmund Freud
What have happened in today’s world, the more we have, the higher we go. That should not be the case. Life is beyond the material things, cravings and wants. Life should be taken in its general understanding and be categorized in a different spectrum from the rest. Actually, life could not be categorized – it is the end all and be all of everything.

Humans as we are, we are prone to the little mischievous things life has to offer. We are all dolled eyed over superficial things and crave for anything that has a price on it. We want what the others have. We desire to be what we are not. This is but the inevitable mistake we commit. We are attached to things that are nothing but petty and shallow. We get satisfied on the exterior without satisfying our interiors.

Have you ever wondered why we were given a life spared from all the tragedies in the world? Simple. We have to fulfill the very essence of living --- live a life worthy of your own satisfaction and not how others want you live your life. Decide on your preferences, discover your potentials, develop your weaknesses and explore the world before it is too late. There should be no regrets or what ifs. Live your life. That should always be the case. 

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