Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Moving on

It has never been easy – never has and never will. Personally, I hate goodbyes. I hate saying goodbye and I hate being said goodbye.

Being able to withstand the pain or the loss takes time, patience and a lot of courage. Getting up in the morning knowing that the person whom you got used to is not physically present is indeed heart breaking.

Indeed, life is a vicious cycle – people come and people go. Some tend to stay while others leave. Never has it been forever on both ends.

Letting go and moving on are but the deadliest combination a person could withstand. The task requires focus – something that we, humans, lack. Let me state that yes, we do focus and concentrate but only for a short span of time. Given the nuisances around us, we tend to devoid our minds from the important things and acknowledge the superficial details around us.

Everything happens for a reason. We may be blinded by superficial thoughts regarding the pain and the negativity we feel but at the end of the day when the lights are out and we only have ourselves, we ponder and reflect on the situation and   realize that indeed, everything happens for a reason.

Indeed, the best way to let go of negative emotions is to come face to face with it with our head held up high. There shall be no room for negativity in our lives. Life is short – why make it shorter? Learn to walk away from all the negativity that surrounds you. Enjoy life, one waking day after another.

To be able to move on and let go is the same as forgetting about your negative past experiences. Learn how to put back the pieces. Smile though your hest is aching. Love your own self more than you have ever did. Listen to the sound of life and cherish your today as much as your future. Never, for a moment, underestimate your capacity to be happy. Certainly, God must have spent a little more time on you as he wants you to see beyond the roadblock and appreciate what tomorrow might bring.

Thus, the only way is up – not down or sideways. Keep moving forward and see life beyond the past.


  1. wow... Great post. Thanks

  2. "Everything happens for a reason". I've been thinking about that lately. As it turns out, I have no idea what that is even supposed to mean. That there is a hidden purpose in things? Well, that's just an empty claim. That there is causality? Yeah sure, we know that, it's nothing new.

    So what does it mean?