Tuesday, September 11, 2012

De-stressing Stress

True, we all need stress in our lives to keep us well and healthy. However, too much of something, particularly stress, is bad for the health. According to studies, too much stress causes chemicals to react thus, rendering damage to the brain.

The solution? Develop the ability to remove and eradicate excess stress from your system. Now the question is, “how do you do it?”

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is an approach, which deals with communication, personal development and behavioral patterns to achieve particular goals and objectives in life. More so, NLP deals with self-competence in order to nourish and develop a better, fuller and richer present and future life.

NLP teaches you to be in control of what you want -- be the boss and live your life according to your time line.

Plan. Though considered structured, it is but a foreseeable requirement in de-stressing. Come up with a plan by forecasting how you want to be in year’s time. Work your way backwards then forward to the present and fast-forward to the future. Re-visit past experiences and let them go. Through this, you are able to live a life without anything that is holding you back.

Part of planning is rehearsing on future events – come up with possible scenarios that you may encounter and how you might react towards it. Through anticipation, you are mentally and physically preparing yourself. “What ifs” would just have to be a thing of the past.

Furthermore, planning allows you to come up with well thought of decisions, pay close attention to details and realize outcomes accordingly. You are deemed one-step ahead of the group, as you are able to grope and fathom the totality of the situation.

Act Now. Get things done and stop over thinking as it leads to paranoia. Stop what is stopping you—make your way across and get things done as soon as possible. Delay causes anxiety and anxiety causes stress. Stop the build-up of stress.

Embrace and experience change. Change the situation and not the other way around. Act on it like your life depended on it. Do not let the situation change you.

Positive Outlook. Be aware and be thankful for what you have now. Positivity exudes inner strength and happiness. Explore and grope on the things you have and make the most out of it. Realize on the things that are important to you and do not waste your time on minute spectacles of life.

Learn to be optimistic and see the world in all its glory. Live, love and enjoy life.

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