Monday, March 11, 2013

Life Lessons with Time Line Therapy®

‘The people who want to stay in your life will always find a way’ has always been his mantra. He would often dwell on the distance but as much as he wants to be where she is, he cannot. He works miles away from her. She studies in an open university. They have been together for a year and a few months now and everything seems to work according to plan.

Most weekends, they would schedule a getaway and rendezvous somewhere in between. Spending all day and night like it would end tomorrow – holding and cradling each other like they have been glued. When you see them or hear how one would gush about the other, you would end up shivering with delight and jealous of the perfect relationship they have.

Something is off. Something is not right. Do not get me wrong, I have no qualms about their relationship; I just think it is too good to be true. And boy, was I right. I felt the urge to asked for a sign that would help me realize on what they have. Weekends are but a portion of a week, phone calls are but seconds compared to hours and attention seems to neglect the reality behind the façade.  

Keeping a long distance relationship is one tough task to fulfill. I have been in one and I must say, it got the best of me. Doubt clouded my rationality and I was wondering from one extreme point to another trying to justify my hunches.  I kept my logic at arm’s length but still I would end up questioning my ability to think. 

My gut urged me to ask but my psyche told me to trust. I was in constant battle – something that I know my friend is experiencing and with such, I kept my distance. I let her be. She looked happy and I can sense she is but more than the façade, she was in deep pain. She smiles without the sparkles in her eyes, she laughs like a corpse about to rot. In short, she was pretending to be happy when in fact, she is dying inside. 

She knew of the cheating and she kept her cool. She opted to keep mum and play along. However, it was too much for her that she lost it. As much as she was angry at the reality behind his cheating, she was still in control. The incident took its toll when she felt the coldness despite the heat between them. She was not happy as she was when they started and the diminishing attention got her to think beyond the obvious.

She confronted him despite the pain that would follow. She loves him but she too needs to love herself in order to love another. She was happy but she needs to be happiest even on her own to be happy with someone else. And that was what she did!  

Time Line Therapy®  is composed mainly of techniques that enables the self to learn how togain emotional stability. To say stability invokes the ability of the self to refrain jumping from one conclusion to another without proper basis thus permitting the self to realize on its goals and objectives in life. Indeed, it acts in behalf of the emotions in order to lessen possible outbursts that could verily destroy the development of the self. With Time Line Therapy® the self is able to let go of that which hinders him to grow innately and externally. 

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